Loyola University-Maguire University

Loyola University Men’s Basketball 2018 – The Maguire University Jollymen have a sentimental favorite this year in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Final 4 (Final 5) this weekend in San Antonio Texas. The Loyola University Ramblers of Chicago with their ‘Cinderella’ performance through the ‘Big Dance’ of March Madness 2108 along with their spiritual advisor Sister Jean have the Maguire University 2018 traveling team 100% in their corner as they prepare to battle the Michigan University Wolverines this Saturday March 31st in the first game of the weekend.

The Maguire University story started 55 years ago as the Loyola University Ramblers won the 1963 NCAA Basketball Tournament. Now 55 years later with their ‘Cinderella’ performance the Loyola University Ramblers and the Maguire University Jollymen return to the main stage of college basketball this weekend in San Antonio Texas.

What started as a bar top discussion/idea has turned into one of the most entertaining stories in college sports. The Maguire University Jollymen and their fictitious University getting recognized by the NCAA as a legitimate University to acquire NCAA Basketball tickets to the Final 4. After the Loyola University Ramblers won the the NCAA Tournament in 1963 and the subsequent founding of the Maguire University Jollymen the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament has not had a year that Maguire University was not represented in the tournament. Hence, Maguire University has been known as the Final 5 of college basketball ever since.

Now that both schools have come full circle in their subsequent stories this years Men’s NCAA Basketball tournament will be one to watch as the ‘Cinderella’ Loyola University Ramblers out of Chicago prepare to dance the final weekend of the tournament for the first time in 55 years.

If you would like a button or shirt of this logo please contact Art Duffy at [email protected] or stop by the Maguire University Hospitality Suite this weekend at the Drury Plaza Hotel San Antonio Riverwalk on St. Mary’s Street directly on the famous San Antonio Riverwalk.

“We Play Hurt”

Go Ramblers!