College of Croton – COC

Division ‘AA’ Junior College (JUCOC)

A satellite campus of Maguire (2014 enrollment: 6…no big deal, our team is on the floor)

Mascot: the Angry Inch

“They say some of my stars drink whiskey, but I have found that the ones who drink milkshakes don’t win many ball games.” – Casey Stengel

Maguire University vs. Our Lady of the Fort Worthless Miracle

Chalk Talk:

NABC Coach Hotel: Sheraton Dallas 400 N. Olive St 33mi from Hilton Fort Worth

Draft Media Sports Lounge, a 4,000 square foot sports nirvana, is located in the entry level of the Sheraton. Draft features more than a dozen local and international draft beers, 23 flat screen HD TVs and signature menu items including flat bread poor boys, barbeque pork shanks, brisket sliders, flat bread dessert smores and more.

Sundance Square
In downtown Fort Worth, this is where ESPN set up shop for Super Bowl week. This is still the entertainment capital in town. There’s a place to eat and there’s generally a party somewhere in Sundance Square, named for the Sundance Kid himself, who, with Butch Cassidy, made a few stops in Fort Worth.

Embargo 210 E. 8th Street Fort Worth (817) 870-9750 .07 mi from Hilton Fort Worth
online reviews: Place is a total hole in the wall but I wouldn’t expect anything more from Fort Worth. There aren’t any waiters so you have to walk into the kitchen and order from Rosa the chef who doesn’t speak English. She’ll bring out your food to wherever you choose to sit. the food tasted fresh and yummy. there was a live cover band singing Classic Mexican rock songs which would’ve been enjoyable but the speaker system is horrendous. The band playing that night was obviously amateur considering the singer was Indian signing Spanish but reading the lyrics off of his iphone- not worth $3 cover charge at the door. The mojitos were decent however it didn’t taste like there was much liquor in it. Over all I would return to this place even if they offered me a free meal….I work in the FW Downtown area and I go to this place at least once a week to get my La Mexicana Sandwich fix. This is one of if not the best sandwich’s in the FW area. The place is billed as a Cuban Joint but I lived in Miami for several years and if this place was in Miami it would be considered an American restaurant. The menu is limited but good. The Cuban sandwich would be laughed out of Miami but if you don’t know any better you will probably enjoy it…..Most of the action is around the bar, until the music starts… Then the dance floor livens up.  Embargo has a stage for live music which can be a lot of fun.  It definitely has and old Cuba feel to it with colorfully painted walls and booths with seating for dinner

Bar 9900 Houston St Fort Worth (817) 348-9991 .09mi from Hilton Fort Worth
online reviews: Don’t know why I keep coming back here, I swing by once a year hoping they will actually change. I guess it’s the only real dance spot in Fort Worth and I’d rather not truck it over into Dallas for a good night out but FW seems to have a love affair with cancer sticks…..Now I don’t know very much about Forth Worth and I won’t pretend to. So I do what every young-hearted person should do, I yelped it. So I was reading some positive things about Bar Nine….This place reminds me of American horror story. On top of the weirdness of this place, bartenders are not trained at all, and the crowd is on the sketchy side. The service didn’t make up for the creepy atmosphere….Pull up, nice location, the door guy is pretty cool, not much of a line. This place is three levels, all of which played the same kind of music, which was pretty whack on a Saturday night NOT gonna lie. And it has sooo much potential if they could get their shit together.

Fox and Hound 604 Main St Fort Worth (817) 338-9200  522ft from Hilton Fort Worth
online reviews: The drink prices are on the mark and the food is pretty good as long as you don’t mind eating in an ashtray. For a restaurant not to provide a non-smoking section is unbelievable. Might return for a drink, but certainly  not to eat….We visited with a large group so I realize that due to logistics there will be snafus, but this visit was a near disaster….Our server was cool, and she was really good about giving crap back to SOME of the guys who were giving her crap. (I like that!)…. The place is huge and a great place to watch sports. The only food we tried was the “billiard sticks” from the appetizer menu. They were AWESOME!

The Library 611 Houston Street (817) 885-8201 .11mi from hotel
online reviews: the only reason it got a second star because the bathroom attendant was cool, but other than that this place was a zoo. Hog heaven up in here and not to mention the worm hole in the bathroom that looked like a Taliban crawl space. Go here if your looking for a good laugh….They should have to pay you a cover to get in….The drinks are nice and strong. Coming from NY where a drink is $12 and up it was refreshing to only have to pay for $4 for jack Daniels with Coke….The scene is mixed but crowd seemed to get younger as the night went on….The bouncers find any reason to keep anyone who isn’t white out. Caps, baggy jeans, lettering on t-shirts, showing colors, etc. This is a casual bar with a bunch of white kids wearing shirts, flip flops, and hats inside. Yet other races wearing an exact same outfit get stopped at the door….If your group has women in it, expect for them to get pounced on all night. I understand this is full of college kids, but it’s pathetic to see the frat boys flirt when everyone in your party has their spouse with them!

Durty Murphy’s Irish Pub 609 Houston St (817) 810-9575 .3 mi
online reviews: I’m pretty positive this is my favorite bar in downtown. They’ve got a ton of liquors that other places don’t (like Loopy vodka!) and the bartenders will recommend you shots that are delicious! Ask about a monkey shot, we get it every time!….Worst bartender service I’ve had in awhile…..This hole-in-the-wall has an “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” type vibe. Cool bartenders. Nice staff. Very relaxed atmosphere. Can sometimes get a little crowded but hey, it’s in a prime spot on Houston St so that should be expected. It’s my go-to spot in downtown. I pretty much love it!

Houston St Bar & Patio 902 Houston St (817) 877-4727 .07mi
online reviews: Great place to grab a drink, me and my buddies usually go to some of the louder and more packed bars and will always end the night here, it’s not packed (in comparison to the library or other bars) but it’s definitely a chill place, the drinks selection is awesome and the bartenders are all cool people….They have enough TVs to catch a game with an old time classic feeling bar….Love the brick wall look….Don’t come here if you’re young and black. Was turned away because the bartender didn’t like the way my ID looked, even though it couldn’t be more real. RIP Trayvon….It’s like 2 bars in one. The downstairs is very relaxed. There is a huge bar, lots of table space, darts and pool. Trek upstairs and there’s a rooftop bar/patio with a more club feel. Lots of dancing, not that much seating and projection screens….If you are dead set on having a terrible night, if you hate your life so much that you want to wallow in your own misery, if you have the worst taste in pretty much everything, then don’t come here.

Flying Saucer Draught Emporium 111 E 3rd St (817) 336-7470 .2mi
online reviews: I’m officially a regular at this place. I’m in love with the amount of beer that’s available on the menu. It’s a rotating selection by season, so you’ll be sure to have brown, amber and oktoberfest in the fall and floral, lighter beers in the spring….The menu is great. You expect bar food, but you get cheese plates and legit sandwiches and Korean meatballs with outstanding flavors. You can also ask for a bowl of free popcorn….People are friendly and an all round good feel to the place. Look out for the restrooms though. They were not kept in any kind if shape. Worse than most gas stations….It’s a narrow restaurant and I often struggle to get a seat inside because it is so popular. The outdoor patio is their saving grace on seating

Whiskey & Rye Omni Fort Worth Hotel 1300 Houston St (817) .24mi
online reviews: What a great hidden-away place. Yes, it’s at the Omni and you expect it to be great, but its menu is very reasonably priced, buffet at $16 and enormous salads….It was really pricey, but the drinks were good! I’m not sure what the crowd would be like normally, so I can’t really say whether it’s a young or older hangout. We were here for a trade show, so the crowd was definitely older, I felt a bit out of place….Whiskey & Rye is a classy place to have a cocktail with the wife or girlfriend. Although, I ordered a whisky drink that called for ginger ale and they didn’t have any ginger ale.

Boomer & Jacks2600 W 7th St (817) 810-2666 1.49mi
online reviews: By far one of the worst experiences ever. Our very unhappy, uncaring waitress took her sweet time greeting us after we sat down and was straight to the point. No good evening, no how are ya tonight, just what do you want to drink? We ordered wings as an appetizer. I didn’t know they made chickens so tiny.  I ordered The Angry Rooster burger, was super dry and a huge disappointment. Another person at our table ordered a steak.  After one bite said it was inedible. This was our first visit to this place and will most definitely be our last. Given the area it’s in, you’d think they’d care a bit more since there are tons of other places to go….I have a love affair with Boomerjacks….Though it is not my favorite place to watch football, it keeps me satisfied enough to keep coming back….$3 Jack Daniels and Jack Daniels Honey always stays in my mind when thinking of where to go on Sunday. The food and service is good, the patio is nice, and there are a lot of TVs in every angle for your viewing pleasure.

Red Goose Saloon 306 Houston St (817) 332-4343 .47mi
online reviews: There are a few things you can expect from dives. Less than the best quality of atmosphere, locals who are regulars, cheaper prices among other things. The quality was in question due to the shaky old wood floors that moved beneath my feet like I was on the USS Constitution from 1797. They had Golden Tee so it didn’t alienate the frat-centric. Low lights but plenty of good sports on the TVs which let you know yes, you are in dive central in downtown Ft Worth and this is probably the last bar open on a Monday night.

Frankie’s Sports Bar and Grill 425 W 3rd St (817) 870-9090 .48mi
online reviews: Since I last wrote, they have changed their menus and food quality. The sports watching is still good, their patio is heated and the drinks are flowing but the food, gross! I sampled many things and none of it was good. I wish they would put back their food quality in exchange for beer soaked tables and slow service. The Green Jacket club that I loved so much is no longer delicious, and the fries the past two times I have been taste like cardboard. This is the little sports bar that just can’t quite get it together….My co-workers and I tried Frankie’s for lunch again after an extended absence due to past issues, and nothing on this visit made us want to add it back to our downtown lunch rotation….Our waitress’s compass wasn’t exactly pointing northward — she didn’t know what was on their turkey club sandwich, and asked what kind of dressing I wanted on my Caesar salad. In the end, though, her errors worked in my favor, as she forgot to charge me for my drink, so she still got a decent tip.

Paddy Reds Irish Pub 903 Throckmorton St (817) 332-4747 .43mi
online reviews: Spacious basement pub with a mellow feel? Who wouldn’t love it? I loved the bartender’s bad ass beard and the him and his fellow Irishman handled the full bar. My vodka soda was spot on and kept me feeling great. Music selection was standard jukebox….Oh Paddy Reds, you did me real good. Sure, you’re a bit of a dive but there was no shortage of fun that Friday night inside of your hallowed walls. Yes, you may have made your drinks too delicious leading to a painful Saturday, but damnit it was worth every sip of that Irish Car Bomb and several Texas beers.

Pour House2725 W 7th St (817) 335-2575 1.6mi
online reviews: If you are looking for a place to primarily have a good selection of craft brews, good place, lots of room, and good service. Bonus, it is non-smoking and the patio would be great on a nice day. The new game room looks like fun too….The set up of the bar inside seems a lot nicer than before the remodel. Place seems a lot nicer, at least it seems a lot better laid out than I remember….I don’t quite care for their after hours bar scene, but I can’t argue with their brunch goodness….The Pour House has undergone a pretty extensive remodel, and with it has come a shift in their focus to pay more mind to the dizzying arrays of beer that the good Lord of your choosing has blessed us all with in recent years.

Jake’s Hamburgers 515 Main St  (817) 332-5253 .1mi
online reviews: Reasonably priced bar food, burgers, chicken sandwiches. Scantily-clad wait staff….We totally bombarded these guys and they handled it like the Pros they are!  We came in with a party of 20 loud hungry 20 something’s dressed in their best 70′s style. They kept us hydrated and full….The waitresses are dressed in skimpy shorts & tanks…. Was in a TERRIBLE place when I walked into Jake’s. It was a combination of issues really and they go by the name of beer, jäger, margarita, Irish car bomb, and more beer. I needed a miracle and my hope was that it was in their Bloody Mary. It was spicy with a hint of horseradish, a taste bud tingler that kept me wanting more. While the miracle didn’t heal me completely, it did heal me for a good hour, which is as much as I could ask for at the time.

Ojos Locos 515 Houston St (817) 289-5626 .2mi
online reviews: We were hungry, and Ojos Locos had open tables, and that’s about all that went into our decision to eat dinner here. The hostesses and servers were scaringly skinny, over make-up’d and under clothed. They also seem to lack a few neuron connectors….It’s like Hooters meets ESPN zone meets the “fem-bot” girls from Austin Powers. Pretty basic selection of Tex Mex standards. Drink selection was a bit limited….  It’s a latino’ized version of a Hooters!….Me personally, ever since they took tortas off the menu, those sandwiches they replaced tortas with aren’t the same! So if you’re going for some drinks, sports, and a little eye candy, then this is the place!….Ojos Locos is a place where a bunch of wanna “gangsta thug” Mexicans hang out at….Spanish for “Crazy Eyes,” you won’t believe your eyes at this Latin-themed breastaurant.

Rick O’Shea’s Pub 904 Houston St (817) 877-3441 .1mi
online reviews: It’s nice little chill spot for drinks! I don’t think I have a negative thing to say about this place. This place and staff are all about chill….We ended up here after running into racism for one of our group at the Library bar from bouncers. This place was small but had a nice atmosphere and REALLY good drink prices….This has got to be one of the best little dives around….The GREAT thing about this bar is that it’s not crowded. At all. Ever.

Malone’s Pub1303 Calhoun St (817) 332-5330 .2mi
online reviews: Ed, owner, tending bar my first visit. Awesome guy, good company. No gimmicks. Seems there’s a really strong regulars crowd, usually a good sign….Malones is a total locals bar, with a very warm regard for tourists and visitors….The place is not big, not small, just right. Jukebox has a very unique selection from Frank Sinatra to Megadeath. The prices are sweet, good specials, and I have never seen a problem in there. I asked Velton (best bartender ever) if there are ever any fights, and he said no, we stop trouble at the door.

Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar 621 Houston St (817) 335-7383 ‎ .1mi
online reviews: Pete’s would have 5 stars from me if it didn’t allow smoking….I am quite a fan of piano bars and Pete’s was no different. Talented musicians (I say musicians because every performer not only played the piano, but sang and played another instrument) and a fun sing-a-long atmosphere….We went on a Saturday night and I’m glad we got their early.  If you have a reservation, then you will be fine. They do allow walk-in’s, but come early. There is limited seating for stragglers like me.

Bird Cafe 155 E 4th St (817) 332-2473 .27mi
online reviews: The atmosphere is great because if you were able to get a seat outside, you can people watch or listen to live music.  I would give it a four star had the food been a little bit better and a five star if the bartender was a bit more attentive….The remodel of the former Flying Saucer space was completed beautifully. The space is warm, welcoming, classy, and the bird prints are spectacular…. Great location. Great space redone from the original Flying Saucer. Service was unbelievably terrible. We had to ask for plates & utensils….Note that we were in the bar, but service should still be better for an “upscale” venue.

T&P Tavern 221 W Lancaster Ave (817) 885-8878  .59mi
online reviews:Awesome old railway station converted to a bar. Love the concept! Old school soda shop look inside with booths, long long bar and lots of tables. HUGE outdoor patio with lots of picnic tables….The bar is in an active train station and has a cavernous main room with a uniquely southwestern Art Deco ambiance. They kept the feel of a train station cafe, with leather upholstered steel soda shop stools lined all the way down the bar…. the open air atrium is perfect for those who enjoy the weather, but don’t necessarily want to be in the elements!  And it’s in a TRAIN STATION!  Hello… How cool is that? If you haven’t been here it’s a MUST CHECK-OUT on your list, 5 STARS.

Razzo’s Cajun Cafe 318 Main St (817) 429-7009 .28mi
online reviews:Razzoo’s At Sundance Square in Fort Worth is a wonderful place to hangout and have a beer. And eat some good Cajun food. Yes it is a chain but they have some very good Cajun food….The restaurant is in a great location great for people watching….I shamelessly boozed and bedazzled myself with gator-garnished beads and shiny baubles before making my way into the mean streets of downtown Fort Worth; all of this, mind you, at a fraction of the cost of what I’d spend in my hometown. Ya know what? I had FUN. My, my, Razzoo’s aren’t you the tacky lil’ tourist temptress.

Riscky’s Barbecue 300 Main St (817) 877-3306 .29mi
online reviews: 
The glamour of sundance square is abated by local flavor like this long running business which my grandmother frequented in a more ghetto original north side location. Back then you could keep a monthly tab, circa 1930. The old dirty shack location is myfavorite but this one works with good BBQ brisket. Just prepare for crowds and tourists and noise. Appropriately cute waitresses and good service…. Riscky’s is located in the Fort Worth stockyard area.  A bit touristy, but we had a nice lunch. Good service the BBQ was OK, not great. Would probably check out another nearby place if there again….I’m no amateur. I know good food when I eat it. The BBQ was phenomenal. I ordered the 3 meat combo. Went with Brisket, Sausage, and Shrimp. The shrimp and Sausage were both great, but the Brisket was the star.

-tucci Maguire class of ’15