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A Satellite Campus of Maguire University

Headquarters: Croton, NY.

2019 Enrollment: 3

#1 Recruiting Class, Everyone wants to Play with the COC

Mascot: the Angry Inch & Cockie Monster

School fight songs: Cocky Top & C is for Cockie

Home court: Westchester Cocty Center








-grocery stores: 

-lunds & byerlys

115 10th St E, St Paul, MN 55101

(651) 999-1600
4min uber


-trader joe’s

484 Lexington Pkwy S, St Paul, MN 55105

(651) 698-3119
9min uber



1644 S Robert St, St Paul, MN 55118
(651) 453-0343
10min uber



1471 S Robert St

(651) 552-6029
9min uber


810 Maryland Ave E, St Paul, MN 55106
651) 774-1005
9min uber


-liquor stores

-liquor vault

170 10th St E, St Paul, MN 55101

(651) 414-9244

5min uber



535 Tedesco St, St Paul, MN 55130
(651) 774-5961
8min uber


-mall of america: about 20mins sw of maguire hq


* The NABC Convention headquarters hotel: (17mins nw from maguire hotel) Hilton Minneapolis 1001 Marquette Ave (connects via skyway to convention center): lobby bar: ‘Ten 01 Social’: looks quality!

-Minneapolis Convention center: (17mins nw from the U) 1301 Second Avenue South. schedule of events:  http://www.nabc.com/convention/schedule


* nike nabc reception: Hilton Minneapolis – Minneapolis Grand Ballroom Friday Apr 05   05:00 PM to 07:00 PM

The largest get-together of the convention, this reception is to welcome coaches and guests to the NABC weekend.  Hosted by Nike.

The reception includes themed food & drink stations through out the venue


-fan fest: minneapolis convention center

-march madness music series: the armory

-tip off tailgate: @ Nicollet –

Tip-off Tailgate Main Stage presented by Wendy’s on 11th Street / Sample food and beverages from Coca-Cola, Wendy’s and Pizza Hut. / Relax at the Buffalo Wild Wings Sports Lounge. / Check out moments of the NCAA basketball semifinal and championship game coverage. / Check out the AT&T, Axe and Buick activities as well.


– COCetology ​(Disclaimer: The online reviews and opinions expressed below do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the COC or of the U)

(the maguire opponents below are all st. paul watering holes within 5miles of maguire home court hotel for the weekend: intercontinental hotel st paul riverside 11 east kellog blvd (about 15 minutes east of downtown minneapolis).


-casper’s & runyon’s / 3.8miles / 492 Hamline Ave S / (651) 698-4347 / crnook.com

This is a great burger place.  Our family of six has been here several times for lunch or dinner and never been disappointed.  Our second visit we were seated in the basement by the bowling lanes…had no idea! ……Umm. No wonder this place is always packed. First of all, it’s tiny. Second of all, Guy Fieri always knows what he’s talking about, so there’s also that popularity aspect to consider. THIRDLY, holy shit melted cheese balls! The Juicy Lucy burgers!

-blue door / 4.8miles / 1811 Selby Ave /  (651) 493-1865 / thebdp.com

Not many places earn a 5 star review. This place is one of them. Not only was the staff welcoming, but the food was unique, and presented with thought. I felt like they whole staff was involved in the business and it showed in their food and drink……I know that I could throw a dart at the menu and walk away happy……The highlight of my burger (cease and desist) was the special sauce, in which it was drenched, overpowering the entire burger, which was already undercooked and slimey. I would like to give this spot another try but due to the prices I likely will not.


-red cow / 1.7miles / 393 shelby ave / (651) 789-0545 / redcowmn.com
 I wanted a big ole burger.  FOUND ONE!!  The cowboy!  big juicy hamburger patty with pulled pork and 2 huge onion rings topped with BBQ sauce……The guys enjoyed a couple different beers .. and this place has a beer menu that goes on and on!!!
I like a good craft cocktail, so I had the Grand-dad sour.  Again, amazing!  so good, I had two!……The food is always on point here.  My only complaint (and it’s specific to this location) is that they only have a few low-top tables, which are always the first to go.  I mean, who actually prefers to sit at the higher tables with bar stools?

-moscow on the hill / 1.5miles / 371 shelby ave / (651) 291-1236 / moscowonthehill.com

I am just ALWAYS so happy with my experience at Moscow on the Hill. As soon as I enter the restaurant, I feel like I’m transported… to a different place. Not sure exactly where, but it’s unlike anywhere else in Saint Paul……Walking in was a strange experience, it appeared quiet and empty save for one lone patron at the bar. The interior is very opulently decorated with curtains, paintings, and red chandeliers. We were led through to another area where the rest of the lunch crowd was seated as well. Service was polite, if a little taciturn……
Definitely try a vodka flight. I never don’t order one when here. They infuse their own vodkas, and they are all delicious. No lie.

-the handsome hog / .6miles / 203 6th st e / (651) 340-7710 / handsomehog.com

Our waiter started by asking if he could “Helen Keller” the meal for us. I was taken aback.. what the hell did you just say? Basically he wanted to order everything for us- we declined, as did our service from there…….We were looking forward to eating at Handsome Hog after watching top chef and seeing Justin perform so well. Our friends made reservations to take us out for our anniversary. There were some highlights. The bacon popcorn is good and interesting and the Secretto pork dish was very good. Actually the ribs were quite good too. Service was not great and for the first time in my life I had a server tell me that another reservation needed my table in five minutes. She didn’t actually say you need to leave but it was implied.  We had a generous tab and had just finished dessert. I could understand if we hogged table (no pun intended) for 2 1/2 hours on water and sharing food, but we all had drinks and entrées. There are so many great restaurants in the area and I won’t be in a hurry to go back to this one…….Their chicken and waffles are delicious as well. I highly recommend the Handsome Hog!……My friends and I were super excited to go to Handsome Hog after watching Justin Sutherland on Top Chef and we made reservations weeks in advance. We went last night and I have to say, we were all pretty disappointed in both the food and service.

-the bulldog lowertown / .6miles / 237 6th st east / (651) 221-0750 / thebulldoglowertown.com

Five stars – because this place isn’t the World Of Beer…….Sunday afternoon, late lunch spoiled by an overcooked Elk Burger made worse by the addition of Canadian bacon and sauerkraut. Based on the appearance of the french fries the fryer oil hadn’t been changed in way too long. Thankfully, the place has a number of well placed TVs, a wide beer menu and a terrific server, Robyn, who handled my table and those around me with skill and a smile. Oh, did I mention, the restroom was a disaster? The restroom was a disaster……If you want a philly in the Twin Cities, get one from Bull Dog! Again, two times a week.……Robyn’s efforts saved a 1 Star rating to make it a “2.”  Other better options close by, starting with Handsome Hog….try them instead.

-public kitchen & bar / .6miles / 229 e 6th st / (651) 348-6456 / publickitchenstpaul.com

let me tell you, we had the Noyes and Cutler burgers, seriously, the BEST burgers I’ve ever had. Even if the waitress wasn’t the best, the manager made up for all her shortcomings. We will definitely be back……The only thing that was good but not great were the crab cakes. ….. Our service was 5 star from beginning to end……Just had drinks but nice place!  Great bartender.  Good atmosphere, clean and the food looked a smelled amazing

-dark horse / .7miles / 250 east 7th st / (651) 313-7960 / darkhorsebarandeatery.com

I love the food, but the music is WAY too loud. If you want to eat without speaking, a greater place to go……Good dark ambiance! Maybe stop for a beer. Otherwise, not. Cocktails underwhelming and not much variety……Best bar food I’ve ever had!  My husband had the fry bread taco which was super flavorful and definitely a very good size portion for a happy hour plate. I had the philly sliders which were also amazing!….. We decided to share a pizza, the meatball pizza. We each had about 2-3 small pieces and we left the rest. There was no flavor, it was greasy, the meatballs were super dry and crusty and barely any cheese or sauce. I’m hoping they consider improving the menu as it could be a great place. Until then… I’ll wait.

-sweeney’s / 2.4miles / 96 dale st n / (651) 221-9157 /  sweeneyssaloon.com

This place is a standby for me. The happy hour deals are amazing and the beer selection is decent. If you need something cheap, Coors pints are $3.50 all day. The food is average, but has improved in the past few years. The fish tacos are my pick. The servers are great, and so is the patio. Best in the neighborhood…… Drinks are delicious and well poured, yet also much more reasonably priced. Beer choices are endless, atmosphere is super cool, local, and relaxed. The people that work here are so chill and nice,feel like you made quick friends!…..Great burgers and beers. Excellent service. My favorite bar because they make you feel at home. The patio is great in the summer. A neighborhood gem.

-brunson’s / 2.7miles / 956 payne ave / (651) 447-2483 / brunsonspub.com

Okay seriously…… I had the best burger of my LIFE here!! And trust me, I have had a lot of burgers in my life……The pulled bacon BLT is really unique and so good, and the brisket tacos are one of my favorite good items in the Twin Cities……So I’ve gone back twice. I think I’ve found my “Cheers.” For those of you that are old enough to get the reference. Their signature cocktails are nice. I’ve made it through half the happy hour menu…….This is my favorite place to eat. My husband and I moved to East Saint Paul a few months ago and have legitimately been here 20 times or more! I bring all my friends and family here too. All of the staff and the owner Tom are so nice.

-amsterdam bar & hall / .4miles / 6 west 6th st / (612) 285-3112 / amsterdambarandhall.com

If you’re looking for a bar with live music, I highly recommend Amsterdam Bar & Hall!…… have to give a quick disclaimer in that this place does live music, and I love live music, which is why I’m giving 5 stars…….I really like this bar it’s got great weekday happy hour. Also the fries are awesome and have a ton of funky sauces to choose from.……Food is about 4 stars. Their fries (frites) and wings (kippenbout) are really, really good.

-gray duck tavern / 1mile / 345 wabasha st n or s? / (651) 340-9022 / grayduckstpaul.com

We walked in with 2 people at got sat before we finished our first drinks. Great staff and a vibrant crowd on a Saturday night……Two stars because I loved the atmosphere and the big pieces of sausage in my penne alla vodka. Other than that the peppers in the penne had a great deal of salt and the cheese came off as one big chunk like French onion soup on it that had to be cut apart. I also purchased a cigar since they’re known for those, but was very unimpressed…….We arrived on Friday night to be told the wait would be close to an hour since we didn’t have reservations. As a previous hostess, I read the floor and could see what was happening as many of the patrons were there before the Wild hockey game. I went for a walk and my husband phoned me five minutes later to say he had been seated. Shocker!!! I came back and we were seated in a nice young mans section. He was patient with us taking our time to order. We ordered the prime rib roast dip and a large Mac and cheese. The sandwich was good but NOT worth $19.00. (?). The Mac and cheese was cold. I was so sad. That meal was $60 after drinks and food and it was a total waste. Such a bummer.

-the liffey / 1mile / 175 7th st w / (651) 556-1420 / theliffey.com

Waitress looked at me like I was an idiot when I asked her if the app could come before the main course. It was a PSYCHO look too! Thanks Cara. But the food was not bad (corn beef and cabbage definitely would have been nice with some bread or a roll on the side) and the bartenders were chill……Can’t handle the tournaments during tournament time. Only can serve a terrible buffet in the morning.   30 minutes to get a server at night……Good spot for drinks and fish and chips, if you can deal with poor service.


-patrick mcgovern’s / .9mile / 225 7th st w / (651) 224-5821 / patmcgoverns.com

Went here on Wild game day. They have seating on the main level as well as upstairs. Their event menu is limited. We ordered alaskan dippers and a basket of fries – it was what you’d expect from bar food. Service was okay – it took a while to be greeted and to get our drinks. After we got our food, we didn’t see our server for 45 mins. This place is convenient if you are attending an event at Xcel Energy Center……Outdoor patio is a lot of fun.   But the food here is extremely mediocre.   Drink here, eat elsewhere.

-green lantern / .6miles / 229 6th st e / (651) 348-6456 / greenlanternstpaul.com

Some very good cocktails here. We had some drinks and snacks in the above ground area as the below ground part was closed when we visited. The bartender was friendly and helpful. the snacks were well prepared and tasty…….This is located underground – look for the Public Kitchen and you will see it.  Great atmosphere, comfortable seating, and the place is really large.  We easily found a table for 10 people at 8 pm on a Saturday.
They have a great selection of drinks to pick from.  I absolutely loved my Irish Coffee.  There was also live music, which was fun

-parlour bar / .7miles / 267 W 7th St / (651) 207-4433 / parlourbar.com

One of my friends told me about this place. The macaroni  and cheese was fabulous. Had a burger that was high quality. The price is kind of high but worth the price….After visiting this place, I’m shocked that there aren’t more review! This place was packed tonight and exceptionally tasty. We didn’t have food we just went for some good cocktails. This was our first time here and we’ll definitely be back……Crazy story…this spot used to by my Mother In Laws antique store! How crazy to see it as a restaurant! Husband was feeling pretty nostalgic

-birch’s / .6miles / 289 5th st east / (651) 432-4677 / birchslowertown.com

We stopped in with a group of 8 on a Saturday afternoon  – we were able to grab a table right away and camp out for a few hours. Our entire group (a mix of both seasoned beer drinkers and more casual beer drinkers) all found their beer offering extremely unique, flavorful and extremely tasty……We were a bit confused trying to find this place. Enter through the Marketplace building and I guess you have to walk through Octo Fishbar – their dining area to get here. I felt awkward that I had to do that. I wonder if there’s another way to get in?

-kelly’s / .4miles / 241 e kellog blvd / (651) 298-0099 / kellysdepot.com

Great dive bar feel! Burgers are awesome and the staff makes you feel right at home. Beer is cold and drinks are strong, good bang for your buck!……Definitely a dive bar, but a very friendly dive bar. You can tell this place is full of regulars too. There was singing and joking which made it feel very warm and welcoming.

-tin whiskers / .6miles / 125  east 9th st / (651) 330-4734 / twbrewing.com
Love the beers. Prices aren’t outrageous. Great staff. The big plus is being able to order pizza from Black Sheep! They even brought it to us! Always a good time! Thanks and I hope to see you soon!……One of my favorite taprooms in the city which consistently brews up interesting beers, Tin Whiskers is a must for Twin Cities hops and malts lovers.

-the commodore / 2miles / 79 western ave n / (651) 330-5999 / thecommodorebar.com

This was surprisingly our first visit to The Commodore after hearing about the place for years.  The ambiance, vibe and craft cocktail culture is first rate and truly impressive.  I’d rate this aspect a “5+”. We were anticipating an equally impressive fine dining experience, but unfortunately it was largely disappointing.  Service was slow and not very attentive.  I’d rate it a “2”……I would give a zero star if that was possible.

turf club / 4.5miles / 1601 university ave w / (651) 647-0486 / turfclub.net

The only real complaint I have about it is that security sometimes could be a little more on top of things. I was once at a show where a kid took a pint glass and threw it up in the air as high as he could and then let it smash into a million pieces on the floor……We grabbed a high top and ordered a couple of Mexican Cokes and some fries. Our server was friendly and attentive, even after the crowd picked up. There’s limited seating so if you’re wanting to sit for the show you’ll need to show up early. Otherwise, you can stand up front or right next to people that are seated, which was kinda weird. The layout itself just seems weird, but it works I suppose.

– obb’s / 3.2miles / 1347 burns ave / (651) 776-7010 / obbsbar.comWent to obbs for breakfast today.i had the best biscuits and gravy i ever had.My daughter had steak amd eggs look great too.We had john obrien  pouring the drinks today great job john……Obb’s is an institution.  In fact, I stopped in today for lunch, and could even smell the glory of yesteryear – a hint of Pall Mall.  No, the whole place doesn’t smell like smoke, but you get just a faint hint of it upon entry.
Anyway, just as I remembered it – clean, quick service, great food that’s very reasonable, and a large menu too.  I ordered the Sicilian Dago, which was delicious (and spicy)!  Plus, they had about 25 beers on tap, which was fantastic because I was certainly interested in doing some day drinking ……If you’ve never been to Obb’s – give it a shot; you can’t go wrong.  The parking lot is small, but if you can park anywhere nearby, you’re good.  Enjoy!

-gopher bar / .7miles / 241 7th st e / (651) 291-9638 

This place stands the test of time…. Bad attitudes that you can’t help but love em. Coneys are awesome. The entertainment is the atmosphere. Good times!!……Best Coneys in MN! Great dive bar atmosphere including all the stickers, signs, ETC… keep an open mind and gothere for a good cold beer and awesome coney…….I will admit that I was a little bit apprehensive about going here after reading some of the reviews, but I was very happily surprised at the actual experience.  First of all, the Coney’s are terrific and I was surprised that itwas the buttered, grilled bun that really made it fantastic!

-holman’s / 1.6miles / 644 bayfield st / (612) 800-5298 / holmanstable.com

Very unique. Sitting right on the st paul flightline is a fun experience. Very 50s/60s style layout, comfortable seating, and outstanding food. And the servers are well versed, and can explain anything to you……We have heard many great things about Holman’s.  So we decided to try it this past Friday night.  That was a big mistake.  The minute we walked in to the place it smelled of fried fish.

-augustine’s / 5miles / 1668 selby ave / (651) 447-3729 / augustinesmn.com

What do you get when you mix an extensive tap list, fresh baked goods, cocktails, and a sparse but highly qualified brunch, lunch, and dinner menu? You get Augustine’s Bar and Bakery on Selby. This is a great place to relax and have a beer, especially on a lazy Saturday during their happy hour from 3 to 6 PM……Decent food, slow service and passive aggressive waiters/ waitresses. Took 10 minutes after being seated to be approached , after I asked host who our server was. Will go down the street to blue door pub, from here on out

-half time rec / 3.5miles / 1013 front ave / (651) 488-8245 / halftimerec.com

Greasy food, yellow beer and bocce ball. Sounds like an all around winner to me. Half Time Rec is a spacious St. Paul dive that’s a great spot to spend a few hours at with friends. There’re two large rooms upstairs, plenty of tables and chairs plus a long bar for you to prop up at when you’re there on your own.
Maybe the best selling point is the two bocce ball courts in the basement. Sure it’s dingy down there and my friends kept telling me someone lives down there as well (basement dwelling bar owner–cool!), only adding to the allure. The courts are well-lit, though, and there’re even a few spots to sit and spectate. Don’t be surprised if some friendly locals challenge you to a match. Happened to us!

-alary’s / .5miles / 139 7th st e / (651) 224-7717 / alarys.com

Great! Food was very good and I don’t feel like I have to go to Confession after being there…..I was noticing some old reviews that weren’t very glowing. Then kitchen manager chef Mik German came along and all that changed. He posts pics of the daily sandwich, burger, and soup on FB that make you want to run right over. As a matter of fact I did twice last week.

emetts public house / 695 grand ave / (651) 225-8248 / emmettspublichouse.com

Emmett’s is a great place at anytime of day.  Yesterday four of us stopped in for a late lunch or early dinner.  We all had different levels of appetite due to the time of day.  All four of us left happy and well fed.  The beer and liquor selection is excellent.  We will all be back!!…..Great spot! Good atmosphere, tolerable noise level so you can actually have a conversation. Fantastic whisky selection!

-bulldog lowertown / 237 6th st e / (651) 221-0750 / thebulldoglowertown.com

Ordered two hot dogs at this location yesterday, but got too full off appetizers and never ate it in the restaurant. I took it to-go, and my mistake is not checking it over before taking it home. As you can see there is MOLD on this bread. MOLD……I love coming here after work during the week. The weekends it gets a little too busy and it can be tough to find seating if you’re with more than one or two people. The tap list has something for everyone. My go to for an appetizer is the queso dip and the tots. I always try a new entree, but their turkey burger is super satisfying.

– ox cart / .6miles / 255 e 6th st garage / (651) 528-6171 / oxcartalehouse.com

I was really excited about this spot because it reopened last Thursday. We came here with a group of friends and I was fairly disappointed. I’ll explain things I disliked and then thing I thought were nice or hope for in the future……Great vibes during the summer. The rooftop is a must for downtown night life. Reasonable pricing for their food and portions.

-skinner’s / 3.6miles / 919 randolph ave / (651) 228-1947 / skinnersmn.com

 Favourite pizza in the Twin Cities. The Buffalo chicken pizza has become my staple……This is an amazing place hidden in Saint Paul. Food is top quality and drinks are very cheap……I am just such a goddamn fan of this place. 


-herbie’s on the park / .5miles / 317 washington st / (651) 726-1700 / herbiesonthepark.com

If you are in the area, Herbie’s is the perfect spot to relax and have a glass of wine, cocktail, beer or whatever. Named after Minnesota’s famed son Herb Brooks, the lounge is a wonderful monument to a the man and great hockey mind that lifted so many of us up. If you’re watching a play next door, come to Herbie’s before or after. Also take note of the two paintings dedicated to Herb Brooks. One is over the fireplace and the other is down the hall, kind of hidden unfortunately, near the restroom.

-tin cup’s / 3.4miles / 1220 rice st / (651) 487-7967

This is a good place for people at the end of the their live or for tramps,  low- lives, dope heads and drug dealers! Owner is a crackhead bitch her self, in my opinion!……Will be sad to see this Burger Mecca leave STP, as it’s a legit dive bar staple with awesomely greasy, indulgent grub……Fried chicken is the best I have had in the twin cities for years


fireside / 3miles / 1288 south robert street / (651) 457-6397 / fireside-lounge.com

 Unpretentious, home town kind of place. Food was great and really inexpensive for what you get. I had the prime rib which came with a salad, choice of potato, roll, and veggies. The rest of the family enjoyed their meals too. We plan to return……For a dive-y neighborhood bar and grill, this place was great! Grabbed a couple drinks and an appetizer with my partner here; service was 5 stars. Food was ok, drinks were strong in a good way.


-joe & stan’s / 2.4miles / 949 7th st w / (651) 293-0571 / joeandstans.com

Went in for a bite and beer before a concert based on the 4 star rating.  I ordered a buffalo chicken sandwich and my wife got a Rachel.  The chicken came out and looked pale white with grey coloring…..ittasted microwaved.  The fries were undercooked and limp.   The Rachel was just as bad. It is hard to make food this marginal….I do not recommend……Blonde bartender accused me of being someone else. I have been here several times for good food and BINGO. Fuck off!…..I am a terrible patron.  This place goes above and beyond to make sure everyone is like Fonzee.

-hat trick lounge / .4miles / 134 5th st e / (651) 228-1347 / hatricklounge.com

Call me Jacques Cousteau. Don’t be afraid to get wet. It is a deep dive. My cousin told me about this place a month or so ago. Described it as the epitome of a dive bar. I would have to say Palmer’s is more divey than this place, but it is certainly a contender. I have to imagine there are some places on the East Side that would put this place to shame. As with a typical dive, it is dimly lit, the prices are cheap and the beer selection is limited. While others may disagree with me, I have not found the clientele to be all that sketchy. Made it out both times without a stabbing- THREE! This place certainly did the trick when the breweries closed for the night. Give it a whirl if you are in the area. I guarantee you will survive the submersion.

-tom reid’s / .7miles / 258 7th st w / (651) 292-9916 / tomreids.com

I really like the buffalo chicken wrap,  the beer is cold the way I like it.  So it is a good sports bar in my opinion!   Plus the numerous TV’s and sport memorabilia make it worth the visit……Can’t believe this place has a 3 start rating. The atmosphere alone should warrant a 5 star easily. Great beer, food, ambiance and service. Pleasantly surprised with this little gem. If you are a hockey fan this place is a must see.


-survive & advance,

tucci, class of 2015