The School of Hard Pranks


For the past 48 years, Maguire University has made it to the Final Four. They've done it despite having never won a game, never fielded a team or even having a single student. Paula Faris brings us the story of a practical joke that has become one serious basketball... Source: NBC Chicago

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Maguire University


The weekend before the National Collegiate Athletic Association basketball tournament’s last round of games known as the Final Four, the folks from Maguire University met at Kelly’s Pub, located under the el tracks at Webster and Sheffield, essentially on the DePaul University campus. Although Kelly’s is usually concerned collegiately with things DePaul, which is a real school, sometimes it is concerned with things Maguire, which is not. How this came about is a story often told this time of the year in sports features around the country, usually in the city where the NCAA Final Four is held. Back in 1963 [...]

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The university you’ve …


The university you've never heard of SAN ANTONIO -- Maguire University's motto -- 'We Play Hurt' -- has some serious history backing it up. This band of Jollymen and women (the University voted in Title IX two years ago) have been turning up for these Final Fours since 1963, and the mornings-after keep getting more painful every year. Not to mention the headaches that accompany keeping up with today's college game. "We have a new President. Tougher academics. And fewer scholarships," sighs sexy septuagenarian 'Bill', the resident Maguire historian and an irrepressible flirt. Still, their T-shirts emblazoned with "Maguire University: Final Five" [...]

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Drinking in the Atmosphere


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Road Scholars


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The Final Five


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Off Court, the Jollymen Reign


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