Maguire University School of Bracketology

Each year Alumni, Students, and Friends compete in the school’s annual NCAA Bracket Challenge. A Master’s Degree is awarded annually to the participant with the highest overall grade point average. Alternatively, the participant with the lowest overall GPA is admonished by the Dean with a Biggest Loser Demerit.

Master of Bracketology Recipients

  • 2019:  Richard Bellis with Virginia winning it all!
  • 2018:  Frank Karkut as Villanova takes the title again!!
  • 2017:  Rob Driscoll:  Had his UNC Tarheels going all the way
  • 2016:  Todd Costigan:  Had Kansas going all the way …. but we all know Villanova took the title!
  • 2015:  Frank Karkut:  Perfect down the stretch with all 4 Final Four teams, Both Semi Teams and Duke as the winner!
  • 2014:  Jim Maguire:   And he didn’t even have the winner, UCONN, but did have Kentucky in the final game and Wisconsin in the Final Four
  • 2013:  Danny Kelly Sr.:  Put it all on Louisville
  • 2012: Tom Cirrincione:  Kentucky going all the way
  • 2011: John May
  • 2010: Art Duffy Sr.:   Duke going all the way to the Championship

Biggest Loser Recipients

  • 2019:  Barb O’Toole Schmitz coming in at 123rd!
  • 2018:  John Maguire, with only 77 points!
  • 2017:  Bill Ryan got dragged down by his hometown team, Kansas Jayhawks
  • 2016:  Kathy Duffy:  hmmmmm…..
  • 2015:  Adam Martucci:  Enough said!
  • 2014:  John Carey:  Did he think there was a prize for last place?
  • 2013:  TJ Morris:  The worst of the worst!!
  • 2010: George Hoey: No teams left in the Final Four

2019 Program Rules

  • You are invited to join the PickHoops bracket group Maguire University.
  • Participants choose the winners of this year’s NCAA college basketball tournament.
  • To join, click here or copy and paste this URL into your browser: http: //
  • You’ll be asked for your name and email address, and to create a new user password for yourself. Then you’ll be asked for the group password: Jollymen
  • Bracket entry starts Sunday, March 11th at 11:00 PM EDT
  • Online bracket entry closes Thursday, March 15th at 12:18 PM EDT

Be sure to get your brackets in early!