Dear Students, Alumni & HOFers:


I have spoken with the head of sales for the AC Marriott Atlanta and he has verbally agreed to accept our cancellation without penalty.  I have not received the formal email from him, but I believe I can take him at his word. So, with that we will be refunding money this week.

As I indicated to most of you over Facebook and via email, there are a bunch of sunk costs that cannot be refunded (technology costs, accounting costs, brokerage commissions for the hotel etc.).   For the giveaways, some of the awards and tchotchkes could be cancelled but the largest part of the giveaways are the UnderArmour Golf Shirt and Hats.  Art will be financing the cost of those and we will use them next year … they are very nice!  A few have asked for the giveaway but not sure we can do that since it will disrupt the process for next year.  We ordered two types of hats, a traditional baseball hat and a drifit golf hat in bulk and will put them up on the site for sale but we will be saving the golf shirts for next year.

With that we will be holding back a small sum of money to cover the Maguire overhead and sunk costs following the schedule below:

Underclassmen (Freshman-Seniors):  $100 per person

Graduates:  $150 per person


The balance of your payment will be refunded via the Regfox registration site and credited back to the credit card you used to make payment.   Some of you registered for more than one person in your group and you will receive the refund for all people that you paid for and then you can deal with it on your end.   I hope that works for everyone, if not then please reach out to us via the maguire university email or call Meg on her cell.


If you are part of the group that was suppose to go to the Braves game on Sunday of the Final Four, Tommy has cancelled the bus without penalty  and Joe Grande is working with the Braves on a refund on the tickets but that has not been accomplished yet …. stay tuned.  If Joe gets stuck with the cost then people should settle up with him but you’ll hear from us separately on that.


Hard to believe we will not be seeing you at the Final Five!  Not sure how this will affect our appearance number next year!! Maybe a summer get together will have to suffice to get our appearance to count …. think about it!!


Best to All,

Meg & Art

email:  [email protected]

Meg’s cell (312)810-7120

Art’s cell (773)255-9900