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2017 Final Five Welcome Dinner

We will be holding the Maguire U 2017 Final Five Welcome Dinner at Cowboy Ciao on Thursday, March 30th @ 7pm

I have included a list of attendees below.  if you are planning on joining us and are not on this list, please contact Art Duffy soon as possible at art.duffy@adcots.com.  

As in the past, max cost will be $100 per person, please bring CASH!

I have to submit our final count by Tuesday, March 28th and we will be charged on that number so if your plans change you need to let me know or you will be charged for the dinner.

Attendees: Meg Comer, Art Duffy, Jim Dillon, DJ & Cathy Moore, Richie Morris, Tommy Morris, TJ Morris, Rob Smith, Dan O’Donnell 2x, Polly & John Kelly, John Kurek, Charlie Hounihan, Karen Pierce, Beth Larocca, Tom & Jeannie Lawson, Al Naclerio, Roy Alexander, Billy Rice, Patti & Bill Simms, Bill Comer, Art Neff, Rudy Fasciano, Eileen Barker






family style appetizers

truffled  ‘mac n’ cheese’

with potato chips and crisp pancetta


scallops supreme

    seared sea scallops with sautéed morels, 

 rendered guanciale, petite peas, watercress, caramelized creamy shallots,

 truffle oil drizzle



Stetson chopped salad – our signature salad!

smoked salmon, arugula, pearl couscous, sweet dried corn,

 bruschetta marinated tomatoes, Ciao trail mix (pepitas, black currants, Asiago),

 pesto buttermilk dressing


choose your entrée

grilled swordfish 

half-pound, served with brown butter-roasted purple

Peruvian potatoes, sautéed cauliflower, sunchoke chips,

Meyer lemon butter sauce, micro greens


grilled chicken breast

over black bean risotto, topped with

roasted corn/tomatillo salsa


puerco lento

slow roasted pork shank served atop a cheesy fingerling

 potato casserole and topped with shallot marmalade

and micro coriander


pastrami style short rib

7 days brined then smoked, slow cooked and served with

sautéed Brussel sprouts and shallots, Yukon Dijon mashed potatoes

and drizzled with a pink peppercorn/,aple gastrique


filet mignon

grilled to medium-rare, chile/espresso rubbed and accompanied by

white cheddar and tortilla mashed potatoes, sautéed daily vegetable,

cabernet demi glace and topped with red chile/lime butter

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