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Our History

A wise man once said, “There are three “givens” in life: Death, Taxes, and that getting tickets to the NCAA Tournament is absolutely freakin’ impossible.”Several friends, many of them local high school basketball coaches, used to gather at Maguire’s Pub in Chicago to lament these three woes every week. One night, long into a “lamenting session”, one of them joked that they ought to create a fake school to see if the NCAA would give them tickets. No one knew if he was serious, or if they were even to take the attempt seriously. But guess what? It worked.

For two years, the NCAA fully recognized Maguire University as an NCAA Division 1 Athletics Program, complete with press contacts, eager opponents (Thank You, U.S. Air Force Academy!), and most importantly, annual tickets to the NCAA Tournament’s Big Dance.

Maguire’s “students” were thrilled, and were at the Tournament Championship for the next two years. But unfortunately, someone else eventually caught on. The Chicago Tribune broke a story on us after that great two years, blowing the cover on one of the greatest scams in NCAA History (Next to Kelvin Sampson). From then on, the NCAA didn’t take too much of a liking to us.

But that hasn’t deterred us one bit. In spite of our “contested” Athletics Program, we’ve been at the Big Dance every year since. In 1988, we moved across the city, to our new Lakefront Campus at Kelly’s Pub, and we’ve been going strong ever since.

We’ve been to 49 Straight NCAA Tournament Finals, and we’re not stopping anytime soon. With the longest-running string of Final-Five appearances in NCAA History, and a rich tradition of on (and off) the court excellence, our alumni wear the name of Maguire University with pride every year at the Tourney.

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