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Kellys Pub

Kelly’s Pub

949 West Webster Avenue (at Sheffield & Webster)

Chicago, IL 60614

(773) 281-0656

With it’s perfect location, nestled in the heart of Lincoln Park, Kelly’s Pub has proudly served as our campus and headquarters for two decades.

We adopted her as our own back in 1988, and she has served us well ever since. Owners John and Polly are two of the most seasoned alumni of Maguire University, and will always serve you with a smile if they see you there on a given night.

In addition to serving as the Maguire University headquarters, Kelly’s Pub is a true Chicago landmark. She was the first pub to open in the post-prohibition era of Chicago, and she has been serving the Chicago faithful ever since. She has been featured in several documentaries, movies, and writings about historical Chicago. Kelly’s is a true Chicago gem.

For more information, please go and visit their website.
As John and Polly like to say, “You’re only but once a stranger here”.

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